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QR codes for all purposes, under your own web domain!

  • We think ahead: With our all-in-one e-label and QR code solution, you not only not only easily fulfill the new legal obligations, but can also use useful and profitable features to the best for you and your winery!
  • Create a dynamic QR code with our tools and link it to any website any website, for example for your marketing activities. You can change which website is called up when the QR code is scanned at any time without having to change the QR code itself!
  • For example, create a QR code for your order slips or price lists. You never have to change the code never have to change the code again, but you can change the website behind it as required. For example, if you are are currently running a particular promotion: create the appropriate website and change the link to the QR code accordingly. If someone now scans the QR code on on your price list or order form, they will always be taken to the current promotion page!
  • Use such a QR code as an additional code on your bottle label, for example, in addition to your e-label. Compare our 2-QR codes strategy.
  • Use our "QR code reservation" tool to create a unique QR code for your QR code for your marketing activities and reserve it for further applications. You can add a target website to it at any time or use it for an e-label. use it for an e-label.
  • Our wizard takes you by the hand and guides you automatically through the whole process of QR code creation!
  • Download all the information and data for your QR codes, e.g. as a backup or for your records. As often as you like.

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