Now you can even benefit from the new mandatory situation - with our
2-QR codes strategy!

2-QR-Codes-Strategie von elabels4wine

More sales with two QR codes on your bottle

  • Use our 2-QR code strategy, to even benefit from this mandatory situation! With the help of the e-label the consumer's attention for your marketing activities!
  • The e-label QR code ultimately only fulfills legal information obligations. A second QR code on the label, however, allows you to direct interested parties to your homepage homepage or special promotional websites, for example, where you can ultimately can make!
  • So if you already print a QR code for your e-label on your bottle label, use the curiosity of your customers who scan the QR code to your advantage. advantage.
  • Therefore, print another QR code on your label and your customers will want to know want to know what they can see here. And they will also scan this QR code.
  • Use this attention and curiosity for your marketing activities! Behind the second QR code, link a website for current promotions that are intended to encourage customers to make further purchases or take part in promotions.
  • Use our platform to create a predefined dynamic QR code for this purpose, which you also print on your label. Behind this QR code you can any website you want! And what's special: You can change the assignment change the assignment as you wish, depending on the action you want to perform!
  • For example, you can always link to your homepage or the webshop; but you can also but you can also link certain promotional pages to this specific wine. So that the customer can buy more easily, for example with an online introductory discount. The possibilities are endless!
  • So once again, our absolute recommendation: If you are already printing a QR code for legal obligations on your label, then don't miss the opportunity to boost your business with a second QR code!
  • Note: According to the current status, the e-label QR code must be titled something like "Nutritional values/ingredients:" be titled. It must be distinguishable from all other QR codes on the bottle label. be distinguishable. A ⓘ is not sufficient.

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