With our generator tool, you can easily create nutritional information and ingredient lists with a click and drag and drop - all the versions you need!

Create nutritional value tables and lists of ingredients not only for your e-labels, but also for your webshop webshop, your order lists and forms and also for your bottle labels.

  • With our generator tool, you can nutritional value tables and ingredient lists for your wines and wine products with just a few clicks. for your wines and wine products with just a few clicks.
  • Simply enter the relevant data for your wine: Calorific value, carbohydrates, sugar, fat, saturated fatty acids, protein and salt. Choose whether you want the compressed display.
  • Then click on the ingredients you are using from the list provided. Simply select the appropriate ingredients and, if necessary into the correct order using drag & drop if necessary. That's it!
  • All versions of nutritional information and ingredient and allergen lists that you need are then generated automatically. allergen lists that you need will be generated automatically: for your e-labels, for display in your webshop and on your order lists. And even for your bottle label if you don't want to use an e-label at all!
  • Allergens are automatically printed in bold and highlighted as required by the regulation. required by the regulation. Without you having to do anything!
  • The ingredients are automatically displayed in groups as required (acidity regulators, stabilizers, antioxidants, ingredients for other processes, gases and packaging gases, allergens. packaging gases, allergens). The permitted simplifications in the presentation (e.g. "filled under modified atmosphere" are taken into account.
  • The information generated is automatically as compact as possible.
  • No manual translations are necessary: Our generator tool for the nutritional value table and ingredients list automatically translates into the official EU languages (currently except Maltese, Croatian, Gaelic), using the official terms from the EU regulations. In addition, for other texts and terms we use the best translation AI currently available - DeepL.
  • You can conveniently download all the data generated as a data sheet, pass it on or add it to your documents.

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