Easily integrate your nutritional value and ingredient information into your own webshop

You must also display the new mandatory information on nutritional values and ingredients in in your online store - even if you don't want to use e-labels!

  • Consumers must be able to see the new mandatory information on nutritional values and ingredients in your online store before making a purchase.
  • This also applies if you do not want to use an e-label for your bottle labels but print the data directly on the label!
  • With our e-label and QR code platform however, you have an easy-to-use option, integrate the relevant data into your webshop.
  • When you create the e-label for a wine using our platform, the necessary the necessary information is generated and provided at the same time, which must be this wine must be displayed in the webshop!
  • The best thing is that you don't have to maintain the data for your e-labels and the webshop twice! If you change the your e-label data, the information displayed in your webshop is automatically information displayed in your webshop is automatically updated!
  • With our Javascript API you can easily integrate the corresponding data easily into your webshop!
  • All you have to do is decide whether the data should appear as a pop-up when someone clicks on a corresponding link on your wine website, or whether they should be generated directly directly into the wine website. Everything else is done by our interface!
  • Simply add the following to each wine before the shopping cart button: A DIV element to enable the information to be displayed, and the reference to our Javascript API, which must be loaded when the corresponding page is called up. is called up.
  • You can use parameters to decide whether the information should be displayed in a popup or directly on the respective page. Done.
  • This only works if you create e-labels with our platform, not if you connect third-party e-labels to your e-label domain via our platform. e-label domain via our platform.
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