Your own e-label domain - the best solution for maximum flexibility and control in the long term

E-Label von elabels4wine

Create and manage your e-labels and QR codes under your own e-label domain!

Your own domain especially for your e-labels and QR codes - that means for you: Independence and control. The knowledge that you are in control.

Your e-label domain is ideally a short, neutral domain that makes no reference to your reference to your winery and therefore does not advertise your winery.

You use your e-label domain exclusively for the presentation of your e-labels and QR codes!

  • This is the solution to the following problem: Imagine you have QR codes from another e-label provider on all your bottle your bottle labels, and then the provider discontinues their service. Your problem: The QR codes no longer work, and you can experience massive problems and trouble.
  • The solution: The QR codes must lead to a neutral web domain that belongs to you, to your own web domain for your e-labels and QR codes, because you have them under control!
  • With our elabels4wine platform, this is very easy to implement!
  • With our special procedure, you can even add e-labels from any provider under your domain! And then you can also change the provider!

This is how it works:

  • You choose a domain name for your e-label domain. It should ideally be be short and neutral, i.e. make no reference to your winery. For example, "", depending on what is available.
  • We register the domain and enter you as the owner.
  • Nowadays, nothing works without SSL, so we also book an SSL certificate so that your e-labels can be accessed via "https". Some browsers and some security software will otherwise start to complain: "Insecure website" is what the consumer, for example, and you don't really want that.
  • We assign your new domain a place in our web space. This is where all your e-labels created with elabels4wine will be stored here.
  • Your e-labels and QR codes can then be accessed under your e-label domain; the QR codes lead to a website under your e-label domain (e.g. Consumers do not see a cryptic Internet address as with other e-label providers, but immediately recognize that it is information about the wine! This also creates more trust!

The advantages for you:

  • You will be registered as the owner of the e-label domain. This gives you control over this domain and can do whatever you want with it. Independent of an e-label provider.
  • You have technically separated your e-labels and QR codes from your homepage; there is no mixing with your homepage.
  • There is no tracking of user data because the e-labels created with elabels4wine are designed in such a way that they do not do this. Since under your e-label domain, only your e-labels and your QR codes are presented, which redirect to other websites without tracking, you are cleanly positioned in this respect.
  • A neutral name for your e-label domain is not an advertisement for your winery. You are not allowed to use e-labels for advertising, so you have no problem with your own e-label domain you have no problem with that either.
  • You are even independent of us. If at some point you no longer want to use our service no longer want to use our service or no longer need it, then simply cancel your contract and use the e-label transfer option: For a small one-off fee, we will then transfer the e-labels the e-labels you have already created to your own web space. Your e-labels and QR codes will then continue to work!
  • This is a simple way for you to ensure the long-term availability of your e-labels and QR codes and are at least for the already created e-labels and QR codes no longer have to rely on an e-label provider.
  • If one day you no longer want to create new e-labels, then you only have the costs for your e-label domain and no longer for the provider the provider who has to continue operating your existing e-labels.
    Your own e-label domain is therefore also the best long-term solution for you!
  • With your own e-label domain, you have all the options regarding your e-labels and QR codes! You have the freedom to decide what you want to do with them.
  • Should you ever give up your business or retire, you can entrust a person or company you trust with the with the continuation of your e-label domain so that its availability is still guaranteed. is guaranteed.
  • And when we retire, we will make your e-labels available to you as described above as described above, even free of charge!

Here you can find the prices for our e-label domain package.

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