E-labels and QR codes for wine and wine products
Easily comply with the new wine labeling requirements in the EU

Attention: For a short time you can with our e-label sparkling wine package!

We think ahead: With our all-in-one e-label and QR code solution, you can the new EU labeling requirements for wine and wine products, but can also use useful and profitable features to the best for you and your winery!

  • Create with the help of our generator tool easily create automated nutritional value tables and ingredient lists with just a few clicks for your wines! For e-labels, your webshop and your order lists.
  • With your own e-label domain operate your e-labels and QR codes under your own domain! This is the only way to have full control and be independent of third-party providers - even us!
  • Use our 2-QR codes strategy, so that you can even benefit from this mandatory situation!
  • And even more useful features and support for you!

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E-Label von elabels4wine

What is special about elabels4wine?

We not only keep an eye on the creation of the e-labels, but also also support you, for example, with the creation of the nutritional value table and the ingredients list with intuitive tools. And for your collaboration with your print shop, we have just as many solutions and ideas for your collaboration with your mandatory information in your web store and on your order lists! And much more. To make it easy for you to fulfill your obligations and, in the best case even make a profit from it!

In particular, with elabels4wine you can e-labels under your own neutral web domain of your choice! of your choice! Even if you use e-labels from another provider! And in such a way that you can change your change your provider at any time and your QR codes will still work!

What's inside elabels4wine?

How we can help you comply with the new labeling requirements - for bottle labels, webshop and order lists

  • Our wizard takes you by the hand and guides you automatically through the whole process of e-label and QR code creation!
  • Import your wine data from your wine management program (currently Winestro and Winitas) and use it to create your e-labels. If you then change your then change your data in your wine management program, your e-labels will be by an automatic regular update without you having to do anything (currently only for Winestro). (currently only for Winestro)!
  • With our generator tool you create automatically with a click and drag & drop nutritional value tables as well as ingredient and allergen lists - for your for your e-labels, for your your webshop and for your order lists. And even for your bottle label, if you don't actually want to use an e-label! And all of this automatically as compact as possible.
  • You automatically receive all versions of the nutritional value table and ingredient list for a wine and ingredients list - for the e-label, bottle label, webshop and order list.
  • No manual translations necessary: Our nutrition table and ingredients list generator tool automatically translates into the EU languages, using the official terms from the EU regulations. In addition, for other texts and terms we use the best translation AI currently available - DeepL.
  • Consumers automatically see your e-labels in their preferred language. Without geolocation or tracking!
  • Download all information and data for your e-labels and QR codes, e.g. for your documents and for your print shop. As often as you like.
  • Provide your e-labels for wine and wine products on your own neutral web domain (our recommendation!), e.g. one of our special e-label domains. This is the only way you have full control!
  • Alternatively, your e-labels are available at wine-info.eu, a trustworthy domain that immediately tells your customers what it's all about.
  • With our solution, you can also provide e-labels from another provider under your own domain! And you can change your external provider at any time, without having to change QR codes on your bottles!
  • Best possible availability of your e-labels through lean systems and small files that can be easily loaded by the consumer even with a slow Internet connection. can be loaded by the consumer.
  • With the help of our interface you can easily integrate the nutritional and ingredient information easily into your webshop! No double maintenance of the data required!
  • Regular updates: We follow the developments around around e-labels and adapt our platform if necessary.

Our support for you: Problem solving in the field of e-labels and labels

  • Not yet sure which e-label provider you actually want to use? But you already want or need to print bottle labels? No problem! Simply create a QR code to which you can attach the e-label later! later!
  • You already want or need to print your labels with an e-label QR code, even though you don't have any data yet? This is also possible without any problems!
  • Accidentally printed the wrong QR code on a bottle label? printed on a bottle label? Was there a mix-up? No problem - simply swap the e-labels or QR codes!
  • Imagine you want or need to change your e-label provider but you have their QR codes on all your bottles! What then...? With the dynamic QR codes of our e-label platform, you can be prepared!

Useful and profitable features that not only save you time in this mandatory situation not only save you time, but can even make you a profit

  • Use our 2-QR code strategy to gain consumer attention for your marketing activities with the help of the e-label! to attract the consumer's attention for your marketing activities!
  • Click to send your print shop all the information that is important for your bottle label. This saves you time and effort, and your print shop automatically receives all the data it needs to print the labels labels with the correct QR code. No more worries about printing errors!
  • Create a unique, dynamic QR codewith our tools and link it to any website, for example for your marketing activities. marketing activities. You can change which website is called up when the QR code is scanned at any time without having to change the QR code itself!
  • Reserve a unique, dynamic QR code for any further applications. You can use it at any time for an e-label or as a dynamic marketing QR code. at any time.
  • Seamless integration into the complete website and webshop solution from Die-Weingut-Website.de! As a customer, you use all e-label and QR code features free of charge! Interested? Then click here:

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