Advantages and features of our e-label and QR code platform elabels4wine

How to easily comply with the EU's new labeling requirements for wine and wine products

Simple, intuitive creation of e-labels and QR codes for other applications

Easily integrate your nutritional value and ingredient information into your webshop

Nutritional values and ingredients display for your order lists

Best consumer support through multilingual e-labels and automatic display of the preferred language version

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We also help you with problem solutions in the environment of e-labels and labels!

You already want or need to print your labels with an e-label QR code even though you don't have any data yet? No problem.

  • Simply create an e-label with fantasy data that you can change as soon as you have the real values. Or you can use our "QR code reservation" tool to create a fixed QR code defined QR code for your label and create the e-label as soon as you have the data. have the data.
  • No more time pressure! Full flexibility!

Manage your data on nutritional values and ingredients centrally in one place

  • Consumers must always be aware of the new mandatory information before purchasing i.e. also in the web store, on order slips, possibly also at the bar, for example at festivals.
  • Even if you do not want to use e-labels for your bottles, it makes sense to manage this data in one place so that you can easily manage the relevant requirements. be able to handle the corresponding requirements. Take advantage of the benefits and possibilities of our e-label platform!

The QR code of another bottle has been printed on a label by mistake? has been printed on a label? No problem - simply redefine the e-labels!

  • The e-label QR code of wine A has been printed on the label of wine B? Don't panic: With us, you can simply swap the QR codes of two wines!
  • No more unnecessary extra costs in printing, no more finger-pointing, no more stress!

Not yet sure which e-label provider you actually want to use? But you already want or need to print bottle labels? No problem!

  • Simply create a dynamic QR code with any website as the target, to create a QR code for your wine label. Then choose a provider and create your e-labels there. To then assign the correct e-label to the QR code on your bottle labels, change the target URL of the QR code and enter the internet address of the external e-label instead. of the external e-label instead.
  • If you decide to also create your e-labels with our platform create an e-label for the dynamic QR code simply by clicking on it! The QR code on your bottle remains the same in any case!
  • No more time pressure!

Help! You want or need to change your e-label provider, but you have their QR codes on all your bottles? Take precautions with our e-label platform!

  • Suppose you choose e-label provider A and print its QR codes on your bottles. on your bottles. If at some point you no longer want to be a customer there, you are bound by the QR codes.
  • Take precautions with our dynamic QR codes: Simply change the target URL, i.e. address of the linked website in order to connect the e-label of another provider. provider's e-label. The dynamic QR code on your bottle labels and you're safe!

Helpful support for printers, for error-free printing of your bottle labels

  • Send your QR code and the associated data to your print shop with one click. This saves you time and effort.
  • Your print shop will automatically receive all the data it needs to print the correct labels with the correct QR code. No more worries about printing errors anymore!
  • Of course you can download and send the created e-label data as often as you want. download, view and send them as often as you like.

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Our e-label platform offers additional useful and profitable features to help you get the most for you and your winery

More sales with the 2-QR code strategy

Create with the help of the E-Label-Tool to create the right nutritional value and ingredient display for your bottle label!

  • Useful even if you don't want to use an e-label!
  • Use the free preview when creating an e-label to get a nutritional nutrition table and ingredient list that you can use for your bottle labels! your bottle labels!

Are you a Winitas or Winestro customer? Simply link your account and import your wine data!

  • We use the respective interface of these wine management programs, so that you can easily and quickly import and update your wine data with a click. import and update your wine data. This saves you a lot of work and you a lot of time for other things!
  • An automatic nightly update ensures that your e-labels are updated when data changes your e-labels are updated without you having to take any action at all (currently only for Winestro)!

As a customer of you use the advantages of our E-Label platform for free!

  • As a customer of you can use all features in your Die-Weingut-Website user area. And that free of charge!

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